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FLAVIA® is the leading single-serve drinks system serving UK workplaces


Perfect in a large office, meeting room or reception area

The FLAVIA® machine offers a cost effective way of driving customer satisfaction and workforce productivity whilst installing a coffee shop culture within the walls of your business.

The Choice of over 25 delicious drinks combinations

Make fantastic cappuccinos, lattes and mochas with unique two pack technology!



Technical features and dimensions

Height (mm) 432
Width (mm)252
Depth (mm)517
Weight (Empty)10.5kg
Drinks Volume Settings7
Power Supply230V, 50Hz (maximum 5 amps)
Power Consumption1520W heating mode / 3.7W standby
System Capacity Unplumbed3 Litres
Set-up time - installation4 minutes max (first drink availability)
Typical Drink Temperature84°C / 183°F (Regular Coffee - In paper cup)
Typical Brew TimeCoffee / Tea - 29 seconds
Regular DrinksChoco - 23 seconds / Cappucino - 52 seconds
First Drink Availability57 seconds (brewer switched off overnight)
Water Filter TypeActivated Charcoal
Bin Capacity24 filter packs
Power Lead2m long
Payment System OptionAlso available (coin mechanism)
Plumbed OptionAlso available

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The FLAVIA system is great! As it dispenses fantastic fresh ground coffee each time, with such a wide variety to suit every taste, everyone who has used it has been impressed with the quality of their drink.


- Doreen Rhodes



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