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Eden Unlimited

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Eden Ebac Fleet

Eden Unlimited Water Cooler
Ambient Water Cold Water Hot Water Energy Efficient Small to Large Office FREE Delivery FREE Installation

The new addition to the Ebac family is the top of the range solution for all your hydration needs. This plumbed in water cooler delivers high quality drinking water at the touch of a button, offering the perfect drinking experience everytime. The Fleet incorporates Ice bank and Direct Chill technology offering an excellent performance and is made in Great Britain.

  • From 65p per day
    Price includes Cooler Rental plus Bi-Annual Sanitisation
  • FREE delivery & Installation

Available for:

Large Dispense Area

Button Display

Integrated Cup Dispenser

High Dispense

Push-Button Control

Ultra Hygienic
Filtration System


Eden Fleet

  • Touch button display
  • Duo: Ambient / Cold or Hot / Cold
  • Regular scheduled sanitisation
  • High dispense point
  • Ultra hygienic Direct Dispense plus filtration system
  • Built-in pressure regulator
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • External cup holder
  • Floorstanding model
  • Removable drip tray


Technical features and dimensions

Water Capacity 6 litres per hour (1.2 litres burst rate)
Reservoir Type Direct Chill (Ice Bank)
Sanitisation Direct Dispense Cartridge
Water Temperature Cold: 2-10°C Hot: 86-95°C
Cup Dispense Type External
Power Chilling: 115W Heating: 830W
Dimensions (mm) 365 (w) x 350 (d) x 1125 (h)


Our Mains-Fed WATER COOLERS Range


Eden Ebac E-Max


Eden Unlimited

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